The Galway United Friends Co-op Committee (Board of Directors) is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting in accordance with the rule 11 of the co-operative rules.

All Board members must be members of the society. One third of the existing board must step down at every AGM. These retiring members shall be eligible for re-election without the need for a nomination. Other nominations for the Board must be signed by two members and the nominated person stating that they are willing to serve on the board. 

You can read the full rules here.

The Galway United Friends Co-op Committee elected at the 2019 AGM are:
  1. Colin Coyle – Chairperson
  2. Martin Neville – Secretary
  3. Rosemary Killilea – Treasurer
  4. James Brennan
  5. Michael Curran
  6. John Gannon
  7. David Parslow
  8. Brian Reidy
  9. Dominick Walsh

Subsequent to the AGM, the following members were also co-opted to the committee:

  1. Kenneth Keady
  2. Micheál Murphy

As per Co-op rules, the following outgoing committee members stepped down in 2019:

  1. Ronan Coleman
  2. Jim McDermott
  3. Caomhán O’Connell
  4. Iain Shaw

The Galway United Friends Co-op’s representatives on the Board of Directors of Galway United Football Club are:

  1. Colin Coyle
  2. Dominick Walsh

If you would like to contact the committee please use our contact form